Welcome to Divine infinity concept,
– We provide the guidelines, and train you on how to develop recipes.

Divine infinity is the choosen name for one of my jobs with Iswari, consist on giving the root recipes for understanding, how all the elements, wich are present in superfoods can engage in a Divine Infinity opcions of recipes.

This site is for professionals, giving a background guidelines to expand the superfoods dimension.

After developing each one of us a way of doing beside this guidelines, we would be able to stage together in the phisical world and learn in sinergy with our passion.

Actually, avoiding waffle info,
Let’s Go stright on with the Root Recipes:


This name appear when Hybridating ‘Omega’ and ‘Mayonnaise’. And means using the emulsionant power of seeds rich in OmegaS, as Chia and/or Linseed.

An emulsion is a mixture of two or more elements wich are normaly inmixable, in the kitchen this means mixing water and fat.

So we can widely say that emulsioning in Omegayo way rocks a large amount of sweet and salty recipes, replaicing chemicals and dairy fats here and there, for pure superfoods.

As a first step we have the easy instruccions, after will come a more detailed PDF with examples.

1 – Mill the graines ( With OmegaS is better to freshly mill instead of keeping it, because of the essential fatty acids fast oxidation) Example: 1 TBSP
2 – Add a watery part little by little. Example: 20 cl
3 – Let’s activate for 5-10 minutes
4 – Add the fat mixing well by hand wisk or machine. Example: 20 cl

This name makes refference to chocolate bombons called Troufas. Some times we search for recipes, in this case was te recipe who surprised me.

After emulsioning as Omegayo, is easy to guess, the imminent arrival of other key superfoods, who will open the doors, to many sensational landscapes of textures.

—coming soon—

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