Jobs Done

Children Workshops

Traditional pastry with kids in Olive Tree School

Prehistoric Bread – Triticum monococcum research

High school research advising


Cacao doccumentary – Cost Rica

Dehydrated food research

Raw food factory setting up – R&D


interesting combination of Mojito and spiruline (my favourites) the green colour comes from Matcha Tea.

As looking to the sky and feeling the sunlight power, based on Arabic flavours from the desert, with dattes, sesame and ccurcuma.

Based on dried figs paste, chocolate, syrup soaked goji berries, sprouted buckwheat and red spices.

Original recipe of Gaihamsa, boosted with a good dose of fresh Vanila

The most complicated colour to achieve, from blue spiruline extract. Chocolate, black pepper and lavander.

HAPPY POMME – Dehydrated apple chips

The mission was to create raw snacks only with local ingredients, and highlighting the treasures of Diois region, placed in Haute-Provence, the French paradise of aromas.
Actually this invention it was very expensive to produce in a craft way, and staid as an edible poetry more than a rentable and comercial product.

The main ingredients Km ‘0’ are: Sprouted buckwheat, apples, fermented walnuts.
As garnish:
GREEN: spiruline and rosmarin
YELLOW: carrot and curcuma
RED: beetroot and lavander

As on a raw food basis, the maximum temperature for dehydrating the chips was 42ºC

Making coloring out of dehydrated beetroot

The temperature of the kitchen, during the producing period, after the apples and walnuts harvesting, was between 10ºC and -10ºC, every ingredient must be heated to the right temperature, and specially fermentations were a funny game, in this case fermenting walnuts with Asperguillus Oryzae.
As known, long and cold fermentations, are able to create a gamme of delicate umami flavours.

Chocolate Bean-to-Bar research

In this farmer style bunker, isolated in ‘Drôme Provençale’, inside a kitchen school in completely building process, took place many researches during nearly 2 years

The cacao beans grinding machine, in this case milling coco sugar with cacao butter

First creation ever with spices and rosmary

Raw Food Workshops & Events

Raw food Party in Hotel Capri – Sitges

Show cookings for Iswari France and Switzerland

Dairy free Kefir in 3 versions. Plain lemon, Spirulina and Matcha.

Promoting Iswari superfoods in Martigny – Switzerland. in this case explaining customers how to make veggy milk from hemp seeds.

Hemp seed milk, photo by

Promoting Iswari, and the first packed products for Gaihamsa in Veggy World Lyon

Rainforest Keepers – Street food workshops – Chiapas – Mexico

  • Many areas of the precious rainforest needs to be rehabilitated in urgence
  • How to share knowleadge from scientific research to communities in Rainforest?
  • In order to find balance between economy and nature preservation, here we go
  • A team of more than 20 people:
     - 6 Chefs
     - 4 Social workers
     - 1 Builder
     - 1 Architect
     - 1 Camera guy
     - 1 Audio guy
     - 2 Directors
     - 2 Graphic designers
     - 1 Musician
     - 4 Local hero's
     - Wageningen University teachers and students
  • My main missions in Keepers

    Fresh cacao beans preserves

    All the ingredients were harvested every morning through the gardens and bio fields, in this case a huge cacao trees field wich is abandoned, due to difficulties to get in with a car, so the road is too damaged, the only access is walking or by horse, so tones of fruits are beeing wasted daily.

    Also the Axiote used, was freshly harvested

    The Axiote it needs to be boiled and reduced, to obtain the fatty red paste, flavorfull and tasty, normally used to cook meat, also gives good result on sugary preparations

    Many trials were needed before arriving to a proper recipe to teach on the workshops. Sun-to-sun job, early morning harvesting until sterilizing with wooden fire on evening, next day opening the jars while harvesting more…

    In Chajul Workshop, teaching how to preserve fresh cacao beans, with freshly harvested cacao pods, from 3 different gardens, and fresh Axiote

    With this amazing team that i will never forget, we arrived to the best recipes, with their knowleadge and my crazyness, young cacao beans with red garden flowers, a tropical raspberry notes were coming up

    The jars were sterilized mostly by wooden fire

    During the research, the locals teached how to make tepache, a tropical fermented drink, wich fits with cacao legends, it gives the famous white mousse wich the ancestors were associating with gods spirits, try to believe

    Different trials to preserve fresh cacao pulp, achieving color and taste

    The green cacao beans were giving better result, before the seed is developed, more pulp and less bitterness

    This was the more accurated recipe, only few ingredients, a velvet mousse with raspberry notes

    The jars were exposed to Nederland consulate in Mexico DF and other street shows

    Teaching sourdough bread

    Teaching how to make bread with french techniques of sourdough, adapted to a tropical climate and conditions. Lucia a success baker, remembered for her grandmother to use sourdough, but didn’t get the knowleadge. she called me her grandmother back, to show the techniques she didn’t understand while beeing a kid

    Pepo, the friendly blue chicken hanging around the bakery, by chance we didn’t step on him

    At the bakery we were roasting cacao beans together with sourdough bread to make «Pa amb tomàquet», all a mixture of cultures on the same fire

    Workshops animation

    Here with the first batch of «Piña del Jardín», about to recieve a splash of tropical rain

    Smoking fish from the river in Chajul

    How to cut

    Creating recipes with locals

    This jar contains pickles from a palm tree flowers, Called Pacaya. it took several trials before getting the technique to preserve this fresh tropical delight

    Rafa, a local hero, with him around, shopping is not needed. he finds any local ingredient in the garden of someone. Improvising any kitchen tool made of sticks and leaves. GRANDE!


    The editorial team, printing with serigraphy in place, the recipes freshly developed while the workshop, like this the assistants they go home with a freshly printed cookbook, i could not imagine something like this before, overwhelming

    Buddhist retreat summer cookings

    RedKiss fruit salads had been a top hit on that summer. Inspiration comes from romanian forests, while eating tones of wild strawberries and mint, just trying to feedback on that amazing sensation, of course changing the ingredients in every batch

    Pears in mulled wine, slow cooked at 85ºC During 5 Hours.
    Panacotta Vegan with garden flowers garnish

    Creative Hummus with raw sprouted sunflower seeds paté

    Portioned pears in mulled wine, with whipped cream, ‘croustillant aux amandes’ and lavender infused dark chocolate

    Lemon and roasted almonds cake

    Sous-Chef in Les Roches – Global hospitality education – Switzerland